Scarlet Austin-Jones
Clover, South Carolina 29710

Position Sought

I seek opportunities to invest my time and talents in the lives of others.

Abilities and Talents

Possesses computer skills
Team player; works well with others
Reliable; good listening skills
Responsible; good management skills
Conscientious; strong sense of community
Time management and organizational skills
Leadership skills; exhibits good judgment

Achievements and Awards

I have managed my own cupcake business for three years.
I have been a member of winning travels teams for cheerleading and volleyball.
I have sustained A/B honor roll.
I was selected to participate in the ST-ARTS enrichment program, with a major in theater, at Winthrop University.
I volunteer as an 18th century re-enactor at Historic Brattonsville, SC.

Work Experience

April 2012-Current
Cupcake Baker & Designer
Aubrey Caldwell (Scarlet’s Cupcakes Facilitator)

September 2014-Current
Corrie Mackanos
Mother’s Helper

March 2015-Current
Kim English
Mother’s Helper

April 2015-Current
Mary Kate Pursley
Mother’s Helper

April 2015-Current
CEO of Resilience Buddies
(My Non-Profit, Digital, Peer Mentor Program)


6th Grade
Clover Middle School
Clover,South Carolina

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