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St. Patrick’s Day

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cousins st. pat fest

Two of my little cousins having fun with me at our Clover St. Patrick’s Day festival.


ST-ARTS 2nd Workshop

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2nd day STARTSAnother great day!


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1st day of STARTS
First day of ST-ARTs at Winthrop University was awesome!  I’m so excited to major in theater with my BFF. We’re representing Clover School District.

My 1st Art Show

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my picsMy three photos

dancing art Dancing at the end of the show

The Light Factory

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Today I joined The Light Factory so I can get discounts at Bigg’s Camera and take classes to learn more things I can do as a photographer.  I am so excited! I am too busy with volleyball season right now to take classes, but as soon as my schedule opens up I will be enrolling in at least one, hopefully two.  In the meantime, I’ve learned that the best thing I can do is study my manual and practice!  The other cool thing about the Light Factory is that they have an annual show where they feature member work, so that will be my 2nd show this year!

Bigg’s Camera

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I love Bigg’s Camera!  I especially love Joey.  He took the time to show me some things I can do with my camera that I didn’t know and he suggested lenses that would help me take the kind of pictures I want.  I am very thankful to my mom for taking me there and renting the lens I need to finish my gallery submissions for this Friday’s show.


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My girls group Bible study got together for the first time tonight.  It was awesome!  There were like 9 girls and 3 adults.  We have Bigs & Littles.  I’m a little.  It’s like a sorority.  I didn’t know what that was, but they explained. Then my mom gave me more detail.  If I join a sorority when I grow up, I want to join Alpha Delta Pi.  

Anyway, we decorated our binders tonight.  I was the only one that got really carried away with it and put lots of stickers on it. My Big is the big sister of a girl I used to have Sunday school with.  She’s a volleyball player and nice so I’m glad she’s mine.  

Our homework is to read chapter 1 of Esther before we go back next month.  At the end my mom will let us borrow One Night With the King for our movie night/slumber party.  I can’t wait!

To help me understand the book of Esther, I may use this study guide my mom found online: Esther Study Guide

I invited a friend tonight and was so happy to see her.  I know she’s been lonely.  So I hope she makes some new friends.  My mom let me have some of the coaching tools she uses with teachers at work and together we drafted something I might share in my Bible study group. It’s called Coaching Friends

Starting Middle School

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My goal is principal scholar.  I have a good friend in all my classes and made a new friend.  I’m excited to be back in GT (I missed it last year…I got pulled out because I was “locally identified” and my grade’s slipped a little in 4th grade after my brother died and my dad went to jail…I got my first C on a report card).  Since I got back to A/B honor roll and kept it through 5th grade, I got back in.  I think it helped that my PASS tests were good, my MAP test showed growth, and I got into DUKE TIP. 

From 8/13 to 8/14

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A year ago I wrote my last blog entry.  I haven’t written in so long because from August to December my life revolved around cheer-leading.  I kept baking but it was mostly for cheer fundraisers, teachers’ meetings, church events, and family celebrations.

My grandparents celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary just after my 10th birthday last October.

My Pop Warner Blue Eagles Cheer Team place 2nd at Nationals in Raleigh, NC.  So we went to the finals at Disney World in Orlando, FL.  To say there was some cheer drama would be an understatement.  It also took a toll on the family budget for Christmas. Yet, it was an experience of a lifetime and I’m glad I had it.  But I’ve done it and moved on.  

I relaxed through the spring and baked a lot just for fun.  I helped my mom decorate two sewing themed tables for our annual church ladies’ banquet, thanks to a generous family friend (my BFF’s grammy) who loaned us so much awesome vintage stuff.

The summer was full of fun, including horseback riding lessons, swimming, volleyball camp, visits to Great Falls to see my Granmuzzy & JJ, and a couple of trips in our family’s new camper (my stepdad invested his tax return in family fun). I got to talk to my dad on the phone a couple of times and I’m glad he gets out of jail soon. 

I’m not doing cheer again this year.  I almost did.  In fact I tried out for a competitive team and was accepted, but the group that was putting it together fell apart.  I was crushed and I prayed about what God would have me do.  I realized the cheer focus had been affecting my relationship with God, but not always in a good way.  So I decided to try some other things.  I still wonder sometimes what’d it’d be like if I was still a cheerleader. So many of my friends are.  And I’ve had to pray through some hard feelings when I realized that without the common sport some of my friends no longer care to spend much time with me, but my prayers have made me stronger and time with God much sweeter.  I still love all my friends even the ones I don’t spend much time with anymore.  I pray they all have a great year of cheer and hope for the best for each of them!

Cupcakes & Crossbones

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johnny's cupcake teeThis black Johnny Cupcakes tee shirt ( is such a combination of my love for cupcakes and my little brother’s love of pirates. I’m thinking this is a birthday wish for both of us  😉