I LOVE God, families (mine & others), children, babies, photography, volleyball, horses, archery, singing & baking!

Hi, my name is Scarlet.  A few years ago I started “Scarlet’s Cupcakes” because I loved cupcakes…baking them, frosting them, creating cute things with them, and sharing them.  Now I use “cupcakes” as a metaphor for all the sweet things I enjoy in life.  My ultimate goal is to glorify God in all I do, so I strive to be so happy I make others happy too!

Over the years I have found great joy in planning parties and helping moms.  I have really enjoyed serving as a “Mommy’s Helper” to a few moms in our church and recently started babysitting (with my mom along as my assistant).

When I am not baking or helping others, I enjoy taking pictures from my car window.  I love the simple things in life! My dogs, my little brother, reading my Bible, playing volleyball, learning guitar from my big brother, riding horses, shopping, making homemade jam, singing, and spending time with family & friends…all of these things give me so much joy.

I am a 6th grader at Clover Middle School.  My goals include: earning principal scholar, winning my big brothers’ hearts to Christ, helping my little brother earn merit badges for cub scouts, singing a solo, getting in ST-ARTS for theater, entering my photography in art shows, improving my serve, being a great friend, & learning to sew.

                                                                  Cupcakes & Desserts:

I learned to bake from my grandmothers and my mom who helped me stir cake batter and spread frosting before I was three years old. After years of experience helping, I’ve been doing it on my own now for over a year. Check out my menu!

Babysitting & Party Services:

My mom is an instructional facilitator and I have learned a lot from her about child development.  My dad is an artist  who has nurtured my love of creativity and ability to share art with others.  My step-dad is a paramedic and he has taught me first aid and how to handle emergencies.  In addition to caring for my little brother, I have lots of little cousins.  All those “little cupcakes” have prepared me to serve as an awesome babysitter or mommy’s helper…yes, I’d love to entertain your little ones while you catch up on email, fold clothes, & do your nails!

For your next date night or your little cupcake’s upcoming birthday party or special occasion, remember me! I am available by the hour to serve your party or care-giving needs (Since I’m just getting started, I’d be happy to gain experience and build my network of references by serving your family’s child care needs out of the goodness of my heart; for baking or party projects I just ask for donation to cover materials/ingredients). I can also take photos for you during the event, create custom treat bags, and design delicious ready-to-savor-cupcakes or cupcake-decoration-kits (for parties where kids want to decorate their own).

For Sweetness to Order, contact me at

or call my cell 803-323-7796

or Google Voice 803-619-9277

BTW, this is what I looked like a couple of years ago, about 4 months after I started this blog (9/16/12), when I got my sweet dog, Daisy (Christmas 2012):

Mar 2013 231

  1. You are such a blessing to Ashton and so many other kids in our family and community! We are all so thankful for the ray of sunshine and burst of sweetness you are in our lives 🙂

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