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1st day of STARTS
First day of ST-ARTs at Winthrop University was awesome!  I’m so excited to major in theater with my BFF. We’re representing Clover School District.


My 1st Art Show

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my picsMy three photos

dancing art Dancing at the end of the show

The Light Factory

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Today I joined The Light Factory so I can get discounts at Bigg’s Camera and take classes to learn more things I can do as a photographer.  I am so excited! I am too busy with volleyball season right now to take classes, but as soon as my schedule opens up I will be enrolling in at least one, hopefully two.  In the meantime, I’ve learned that the best thing I can do is study my manual and practice!  The other cool thing about the Light Factory is that they have an annual show where they feature member work, so that will be my 2nd show this year!

Bigg’s Camera

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I love Bigg’s Camera!  I especially love Joey.  He took the time to show me some things I can do with my camera that I didn’t know and he suggested lenses that would help me take the kind of pictures I want.  I am very thankful to my mom for taking me there and renting the lens I need to finish my gallery submissions for this Friday’s show.