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My girls group Bible study got together for the first time tonight.  It was awesome!  There were like 9 girls and 3 adults.  We have Bigs & Littles.  I’m a little.  It’s like a sorority.  I didn’t know what that was, but they explained. Then my mom gave me more detail.  If I join a sorority when I grow up, I want to join Alpha Delta Pi.  

Anyway, we decorated our binders tonight.  I was the only one that got really carried away with it and put lots of stickers on it. My Big is the big sister of a girl I used to have Sunday school with.  She’s a volleyball player and nice so I’m glad she’s mine.  

Our homework is to read chapter 1 of Esther before we go back next month.  At the end my mom will let us borrow One Night With the King for our movie night/slumber party.  I can’t wait!

To help me understand the book of Esther, I may use this study guide my mom found online: Esther Study Guide

I invited a friend tonight and was so happy to see her.  I know she’s been lonely.  So I hope she makes some new friends.  My mom let me have some of the coaching tools she uses with teachers at work and together we drafted something I might share in my Bible study group. It’s called Coaching Friends